Gundogtraining: our passion.

We had our first gundog training experience with Locky (Farbourne’s Nothing to Declare) and we are still convinced that this is the best way of working with our dogs, in spite of the many years of agility and obedience training we did with our first dogs.

We see that the dogs love to retrieve, especially out of the water.

Locky had the typical will to please and we learned a lot from her.



With Locky’s daughter

“Catlin” (Coolmen’s Marigold)

we had some small successes

on the advanced level.

Catlin won a working test

 within the Dutch Labrador

Retriever Club, became first

and second at various cold wild tests and obtained a first place at a certificate day. She had a super nose and marking ability.



Catlin’s daughter “Mona” (Coolmen’s Lillium) came back to us at the age of six and half years.

She has the same passion as her mother and Gerard started the gundog training when she was seven years old. Only a few months later she had already several cold wild certificates.

At this moment she is 10 and a half years old and we just have fun together on our walks and swims in the area.

 Monica is training our boy Bumper (Gallant Bumper v. Marleans) and Gerard is taking care of Polly, (Penny Royal’s Pokerface of Polly) a daughter of Bumper.

Bumper has already several cold wild certificates and obtained “The Epreuve B” certificate, necessary to compete in the field trials in France, which he did very well, he now is a Champion de Travail à la Francaise and did succeed last year in the Anglaise with an Excellent!

Polly also did compete in the French field trials after her Epreuve B and did very well for a young labradorbitch.

This year we hope to see more of them in the field trials.

Since a few weeks we have a Flatcoat puppy, we call her Nightsum,(Summer Night from Olymphus Sparta) and she will be trained by Monica, a lovely challenge, she is a clever girl!

Our dogs have been on a real hunt, picking up several times.

We all enjoyed those days, after all, thats for real! 

We really hope to continue our passion with the Retrievers for a long, long time.  

up-dated July 23th 2007.